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Title: The Vineyard - Chapter 9
Characters: Zeke/Casey
Rating: PG

When he woke up he was laying on the floor still in the wine cellar, his back felt sore and his head ached. He remembered that voice, the sweet and husky voice of … his dreams. If it was a dream he would wait for another one like that hoping that the mystery would be solved.  There was a rustle behind him, someone was lifting his head … water. He tasted water. When he opened his eyes he was there. It wasn’t a dream. Casey was there. He held him in his arms,  warm hands made him feel protected, lips whispering in his ear “I wish I could be one of the stars watching over you, I wish I could be one of the clouds playing with the sun and the moon. I wish I could be all that you wish me to be. Thank you for keeping your promise, Zeke. You don’t know what this means to me.” He rocked him slightly. There was a storm outside building up, thunder growling tremendously. He leaned on Casey, closing his eyes, catching his scent anew. It was delicious, exciting, alluring. “Where have you been?”

Casey whispered “Just trust me, Zeke.” What kind of answer was this?

“I want to understand, Casey… “ Again Casey murmured “Just trust me, please. All I want to say I can’t stay, not yet.” So he would be leaving again, leaving him alone.

Gazing at him Casey changed again, grew older and older … He was beautiful even at age. Eyes still blue as cornflowers. Casey was looking at the young man in his arms with  intensity, it seemed to make Zeke a little unsure. When he spoke again, it was with utter seriousness.


“I thought I could be happy once, free like a bird with no cares, no worries but life has taken my youth. Years have passed me by between yesterday and today. I won’t lie to you, Zeke. It isn’t all like it seems. Just trust me if you want me to get a chance…”

“A chance for what?” He felt confused and suddenly very very tired. He wanted to sleep, only a little while. Sleep. Sleep. In Casey’s arms.


When he woke up again he was laying on the carpet in his living room. His vision was blurred – what was going on here?.. There was this violent turmoil building inside him, a mixture of confusion, desperation and hope. He remembered that he was  in the cellars and he remembered a thunderstorm, a voice. A dream. It seemed he couldn’t control his own life. He had to go back there. His wrist felt cold, looking at the bracelet there was still the name “Casey” to be seen. Then he started to remember… Casey, him in his arms, talking of trust, listening to roaring thunder, squeezing his eyes shut because of the lighting and the brightness around Casey.


It was getting light already, how long did he lay here? Who took him back to his rooms?

Who was Casey? Who was this old man? Why did he see him that old? Where was Casey now? Why did he leave him again? Why didn’t he help him? What had he done to make him go? Was he getting crazy? He hadn’t expected this. He hadn’t expected this loneliness he felt now, this feeling of being rejected by the world. Nothing quite like this.

He felt asleep again unable to move, unable to think on. He just was tired. So endless tired.

Casey would come back. He tried to believe on it. Didn’t he ask him for trust? He would trust him. No matter what. Because he wanted to. He wanted him to come back soon. He wished they would get a chance.  He murmured in his sleep “I’ll wait for you and if it will be the last thing I can do… “  Crawling into bed beneath the sheets his thoughts were tumbling over … Casey. Hands. Casey. Eyes. Casey. Lips.  It was the feeling he embraced, feeling caressed very tenderly. It was the feeling like soft breath on his skin, nestled in his arms that made him drift away into the lands of dreams … murmuring again “I make a wish… watching you, watching your eyes … that you won’t have to go, that  I’ll get the chance to rescue you from whatever it is.”





Have a nice weekend, f-list!

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