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Happy Birthday Lbilover

Happy birthday my dear lbilover   !
Even times are not easy for you at the moment I hope you'll  have a lovely day.
Thank you for being a wonderful friend, for all your love and kindness.
If there would be more people like you our world would be a much better place.

Love and big tight birthday hugs,

Title: “Promise”

Pairing: S/E

Rating: G



When I saw your face –

it wasn’t much longer than

few seconds –

my heartbeat quickened …

Nothing hadchanged…

I thought I was in control

I believed I’d never fall…


And then …

my heart stopped –

when you moved closer…

You said something to me …

words I didn’t hear …

words like waves on a stormy sea

roaring in my ears…

words I saw in your eyes –


you told me you loved me

through all these years.

Slowly I was falling

Without even knowing.


Questions about questions

Without any word.


You have seen the answers

in my eyes …


You smiled when you said

Having you here is a miracle of life,
it’s true, Seanie.
And I’ve always known our souls

were meant to be inseparable -
I’ll do exactly what

you promised …

I will never leave you...”


He’ll keep the promise I made …

I never kept mine …


So far.


And finally –

finally -

I kissed


as a renewal to

the promise I made

10 years ago.

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