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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dearest  


May this day be very special, as special as you are!

Love and big tight hugs,



_This little something is for you, I hope you'll enjoy:

Title: Imagination and Fantasy
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG or G


Friday, 2 p.m.


An idea rushed through my mind – what would it feel like kissing Casey.

I’m thinking about him a lot, not that I’m really interested. But he’s pretty, I’m sure he’s his grandma’s darling. So it’s a task, a challenge. Sometimes I like to play games like this.

Success guaranteed.


Kissing him. What an interesting idea. Imagining his lips – smoothly curved, red and full, shiny – they are an invitation. Would they be cool? Dry? Moist? Soft? Hot  and demanding – a little bit – I guess. I wish.


Did he ever think about kissing me? Surely not. He’s too … shy, innocent. I bet he’s a virgin. Did he ever  have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Can’t see him with girls, no - a boyfriend would suite him better.

He looks at me now and then, more often last week, this made me curious. I can’t think on anything else. Of course I could, but I won’t. It’s too tempting. Must be the hormones.


How long would the kiss last? Short? Shorter than short? Never-ending? Barely touching? Glued to each other? He’d flinch, I’m sure. Would he? Only to kiss me again, it has to be so. Lips closed? Nibbling, softly biting? Open mouthed? With tongue? Or would it only be a little peck? No. Pecks are for grandmas. Maybe a real kiss?


The thought of it makes me feel dizzy and hot by just imagining…  things. Lips.

Imaginations – undiscovered areas I would say. More than dreams sometimes. I’m still fantasizing. I have to make him want to kiss me until he can’t think anymore, that he can’t stop. I wouldn’t stop anyway. But how to make it?

Maybe I’ll get an idea on my way to school – he’s always there on Friday afternoons.

Off no, Tyler. Shoot the sitting duck!



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