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for honeyandvinegar

Decision made - the best for today will be writing :-)

It's far too long I posted something in the C/Z fandom ...
This is for honeyandvinegar  and my  f-list ...

Title: "Buttons"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

Today we were sitting under the stars beneath a beech, just sitting there, talking a little.

Ok, you were talking – I was only listening. You leant on me, looked at me – it’s not that I wouldn’t say anything – I just couldn’t built one intelligent sentence. There was a rush in my ears, a storm roaring in my head and my heart felt like a drum.


I can’t remember what you were saying, at lest not everything – but I can remember the sound of your voice.

When you are talking I feel like being transfixed in a fog, living in sunshine, walking through pondering rain – all at once.

You pushed all buttons – aloofness, arrogance, recklessness, emotional coldness – you pushed them all off. First I was stucked in the fear of not being careful enough – so I pushed them on again.

But you with  your gazes, smiles and loving eyes simply ignored it.


Here I am – restless in my bed, wondering if you ever think of me in this kind of way. It is then, that in the dark silence the flood of tears start to break. I remember your words before we parted: “Give us a chance, Zeke…”  

I think I will … delicate as a blossom in the wind good fortune guardedly confides in us.

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