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This is for my dear friend mews1945 
Thank you for everything, love.

Title: The Flirt
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

He’s watching me  for days now. Secretly. When he’s sure I won’t notice. Too sure.

This morning he surprised me when I found him staring at me, smilingly. These stealing glances, smiling at times, running his hands through his hair every time his eyes met mine … Was he flirting with me? I enjoyed this silent communication. He always maintained direct eye contact, he didn’t shy away. Of course not, he’s THE Zeke. But another time I’m asking myself ‘Was he flirting with me?’

Flirting or not – I cherish every moment and time goes by so quickly these days…like the blink of a moment. I can’t help but thinking about him, soft and inviting thoughts enter my mind…Hundreds of  What ifs… These thoughts are slowly spinning their web and surprisingly  I like to be caught in them.

I have to find out what this means, if is means anything at all. Maybe I should start teasing him a little. But I’ve to be careful – teasing inhabits a fine line between aggression and play. But it could be exciting. So why shouldn’t it be me taking the next step? Over time I learned that everyone is afraid... you just have to act as if you're not! I’ll just be myself, if anything happens then good luck. Be prepared Ezekiel Tyler.

You’ll be surprised.

Have a wonderful day, f-list.
I'm now off to my mom.

See you later!
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