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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dear  febobe  !
Have the most beautiful day with lots of love and joy!
May all your wishes come true!

Love and big tight hugs,

This is for you, sweetie!

Title: "Hearts"
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG 

I’m just a simple gardener

I wish I wasn’t afraid …

I wish I could let you see

Just how much I care for you.

Would you accept me then?


I want to heal your broken heart,

I want to take away the pain

To heal a broken heart

Is not an ordinary choice

But sitting here

In emptiness

Isn’t the right way.


When I looked inside

I saw myself

Broken down.

It was you

Who kept me going.

It was you

who made me feel

Alive again.


Throw the fear back behind you, Frodo –

Let me take you by your hand

Look at me

And fear no more.


I’m afraid

There’s not enough time.

The Sea is calling you,

Isn’t it, Frodo?


But not matter where you go

My love for you

Gave me my will

My strength


Don’t you forget

You’ll always have me.

You made me see

With open eyes now

This is all worthwhile.


But I’d rather have

My heart broken

Than break yours.

My love for your will



Yet strong.


And always.

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