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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dear elanorgardner   !
May this special day be full of love and joy, sunshine, laughter and hobbitgoodness !
I wish you all the very best, sweetheart.

This little something is for you - I hope you'll enjoy

Title: Summer quietness
Character: Frodo
Rating: none

Sitting on my charming wooden bench

in my beloved garden.

Bathing in the golden glow

of the rising sun.

The summer wind

is playing with

your hair...

Invisible hands

tousling your curls.

I wish

it could be

my hands

touching you-

but it's only the whisper

of the wind

caressing you.

I'm watching the gardener of my heart.

I'm watching you, Sam.

Love and big tight birthday hugs,
Tags: birthday; f/s; poem;
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