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little update

I'M so sorry I can't be here as I'd like to.
My dad is in hospital again and we still don't know if he'll make it.
On Monday the doctor said he will die, he won't survive all this illness.
His heart is very weak, the lungs and kidneys didn't work anymore, he couldn't breath alone.
But the machineries keep him alive. Yesterday he started breathing again, not very long but it was a start,
the kidneys are working since this morning.
To me my dad was like an old oak, never did I expect he would get down.
But I'm optimistic - he will fight and no matter how long this will last I'll take everyday as a gift.
Even he's placed in an artificial coma I'm sure he listens to us when we are there. If he can't share our daily life at home with us - we bring it to him. Amazingly his pulse and blood pressure were steady the last days.
Even he can't talk I know he can hear us, he can feel that we are there.

So go on, dad! We won't let you go that early.

I admire my mother for her strenght and I'm moved by  her dearly love for my father for about 50 years now.

I'll try to catch up a little now and then but as I said - I'm sorry that I won't be around much the next days or weeks.

have a lovely weekend, my friend. I miss you all.

Oh, before I forget. Reading your wonderful works, posts and writing in my beloved fandoms and knowing you around  keep me strong. Thanks a lot!

And now I'm off to snail hunting. Maybe Mr Gamgee can be of service :-)) 

Love you all,

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