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Happy birthday JULIA!!!!

My dearest mews1945 
I hope you're having a wonderful day with nothing but love and joy.
No one deserves it more than you, sweetheart.
Thank you for everything you are doing -
for your kindness and love,
LJ wouldn't be as magical as it is without you. .
I'm so happy to call you my friend -
I'm all the more happier you call me your friend, too.

Enjoy this marvellous day, darling.
I'm thinking of you.

And here's something for you - I hope you'll enjoy!

Love and biggest birthday hugs EVER,

I wanted post post some pictures but  it isn't possible now and I don't know why.
As soon at this works again, you'll get them, honey.

“Love sick”


I’ve never seen him like this. I’m surprised.

This isn’t the stubborn, unrestrained, rebellious boy –

inapproachable he shows us usually.

This glimpse of tenderness when he looks at Casey,

unspoken words of gentleness in his eyes

when Casey talks to him –

this puts a new face on him.

Those tiny little touches – unintentionally? –

when he passes by,

sometimes a soft touch of his shoulder,

sometimes a timid touch of fingers to fingers.

The delicacy when he bends over,



something in his voice

that makes Casey smile.

The gaze he gives this young man

shows hypersensitive emotions.

His eyes holding him in

A lovers’ gaze.

There’s trust.



When Casey cups his face with his hands

when Casey whispers his name

to stop him shaking

they get lost in themselves.

They don’t notice me.

Not at all.

It’s incredible –

Zeke ignores ME!

My self-chosen master leans into

Casey’s hands,

closing his eyes slowly.

He looks so young, so vulnerable.

It seems he has found what he was

looking for.

Even he doesn’t move it feels like

he flows to Casey’s arms.


Zeke’s like me. Usually.

Master of his own will,


taking care only of himself

and me

but he was missing something it seems.

He was missing a companion, a friend –

when I’m not here, of course.

Now and then.


No. Not these girls anymore.

I didn’t like them.

All this screaming because of

little scratches or

runs in their nylons when I tried

to sharpen my claws.

Nylons wearing ladies and my Zeke –

this doesn’t match.

And he knows it.


But with Casey this is different.

First I wanted to protest, noisy of course –

but then I decided to look uninterested.

This always works to get his attention.


The way Zeke looks at him is new to me –

Unambiguous, too.

They are standing in the middle of our flat,

I don’t know for how long,

only staring,

slightly touching .


Licking my paws,

washing my face,

turning my back to them –

I am far from showing interest –


if there wouldn’t be this

damned curiosity.

When I’m turning to the left -

just a bit – so I can look at them

from the corner of my eye –

my Zeke looks different.

He is a nerve bundle when

Casey steps closer,

too close in my opinion.

Usually he would made a joke,

smirking, leaving the other one

embarrassed and stupid.

But not this time.

There is something in the air.


Covering  my head with my paws,

eyes closed to a small slit

I get alert when Zeke moans

almost painfully “Casey…”

I am close to an attack -

but then I see their eyes.

Zeke looks at him like he does when

I’m sitting in his lap,

being fondled while we’re enjoying

one of our quiet evenings.

He looks more intense now.

Should I become  jealous?


Casey seems to enjoy his touches,

caresses, featherlike movements,


I know how magical his hands feel.

Maybe this is why he steps closer   

to Zeke.


My Zeke moans and whimpers again.

Attention Casey-Boy!

Don’t you hurt him.


I stop purring

ready to defend my host with one of

my 7  lives.


Their lips touch, briefly,

That makes my Zeke weak in the knees.

It must be something special,

something serious.

Something I can’t explain.

Something I don’t understand.

Something I can feel.

He struggles but Casey holds him tight

touching his lips again.


Between strokes and licks they are  

talking with soft voices,

like a kind of purring –



I think I’ll accept it.  (as if I would have a chance!)


Mischievously blinking it’s my turn

to stop them now,

letting Casey know –

‘CATS’ come first.

Just to make things clear.


Rubbing my cheeks against his legs,

I let him know – you can stay, too.

Now and then.


He should know

My Zeke and I are inseparable –

whenever I want it.

The rest of the time,


he’s allowed to spend the rest of the time

with my Zeke.

Nothing less.

Nothing more.


They are both smiling at me –


Both of them.

Time for me to go.

Night is waiting.


Connor Corleone Tyler – that’s me  – won’t be

a disturber of …


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