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What a day

My dad came home from hospital today. He still looks a bit pale but he feels good. Phew. That was close I can tell you.

I'm at home again because I've a massive lumbago. Fine. I went to the doc yesterday and today in the morning.
I got a pain treatment, tons of pain killers and I felt great. So I went to my mom because I needed someone to gave me a ride back home. Good. Mom wasn't at home - so I had to walk for about 6 miles because I couldn't reach Wolfgang or his mother or one of my neighbors.
Walking with a lumbago is quite a sight I can tell you. 2 miles away from home the baker man stopped his cart  right beside me, offered me a ride back home and I got a huuuuge slice of strawberry cake. That was worth all the pain. Usually our house is never closed, at least the cellar door is open. Not today. And I had no key.
Next walk to my neighbors, they were not at home of course. So I went to the call box with coins in my pockets and they wanted my card. Who was it. At work. Fine.
I had to wait for about 3 hours until my neighbor arrived back home, I could call Wolfi and he came home after 15 minutes to open the door. Suddenly everyone showed up, neighbors, his mother, his father, my mother.

I have to say it was stormy, I had no jacket - I couldn't stay in our garden house because our bunny lives there for a few weeks and I've a massive allergy againgst his fur.

But now - after a hot shower and the rest of the cake - I just feel great, a bit sleepy but most of all drunk. YAY for pain killers.
So how was the day so far running? Not too good but not bad either.
There's always my survival knapsack with letters, fanfictions, cards, pens, pictures - besides the walking I enjoyed it very much. Because I couldn't do anything else I wrote a little, read much and now I'll relax on the sofa, joined by you guys, hobbits and the Faculty boys.

See you later! And Happy Wood Day to you!


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