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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dear trianne  !!!
May this day and the coming year be filled with love and joy, sunshine, laughter and all the things you love.
Have a wonderful day, sweetheart!

This is for you:

Title: Weak
Pairing: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG

He thinks

he’s the strong one .

I let him believe.


Because he needs this

because he wouldn’t like

being called



Weakness is a better teacher

Than strength.

He teaches me a lot.

Without knowing.


I watched him at school.

He talked to his buddies

but he never let me

out of sight.


I walked over to him,

whispering in his ear

“Could you hold me, please?”


Not only I wanted it -

Oh no -

I noticed he needed it the most.

Right at this moment.


I felt it

when he wrapped his arms around me.

Without hesitating.

Without taking care

what his friends would say.

I felt his heart.


My Love for him

will live


I lose my strength,


When Zeke smiles at me

I know for sure:

with him by my side

this will never happen.


He’s stronger than he knows …

Stronger than I know,


Love and biiiiig tight birthday hugs, 

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