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The Vineyard

Title: The Vineyard - Chapter 5
Characters: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG

He felt stupid for standing there like an idiot. Why do some things sound better 
in your head when you say them? Mr. Connor’s gaze pierced him. 
He didn’t say anything, he looked surprised and didn’t know how 
to handle it. 
Zeke moved away from the door and sat on the steps, it was impossible to walk.
As quick as he showed up the guy had vanished. So this was Mr. Connor?
After a while he decided that he would think better if he was moving, or maybe
he wanted to get away … either way he went for a run.

He ran a lot, he thought a lot. He didn’t remember what exactly but he 
couldn’t get this young man out of his head. 
Back in his rooms the clock told him it was only 11.15 a.m. 
He felt restless, couldn’t do anything, couldn’t focus on reading so he went 
outside to his balcony, sat down and fidgeted. 
Finally he heard a knock at the door and set a record for the fastest 
person to go from sitting to standing. He opened the door and there he was, 
smiling at him. 
The word “beauty” had a new meaning now. 
They probably just stared at each other in silence for he didn’t know how long. 
“Do you want to… come in,” he asked. “Should I?” he answered. 
Surprisingly his unexpected guest went in. He turned around.
 “Why have you been at my door a little while ago?”
“I’m sorry but … I was just curious where the steps lead. 
Usually I don’t sneak around like a thief but the steps looked inviting.” 
He felt stupid, very stupid. “I’m Ezekiel Tyler.”
“I know.”
Didn’t he like to introduce himself? Should he ask for his name? 
“I’m Casey Connor,” he finally said in a low voice. “Call me  Casey, please.”
Zeke lost most of the nervousness when he took his hand, feeling a lump 
in his throat when he replied “Call me Zeke, Casey.”
Casey looked puzzled and nodded slightly, whispering “Zeke…”
How could it be that someone can change everything in a split second. 
He still held his hand, felt the warmth and softness of it. Then his vision got blurred, 
their hands grew old.
When he lifted his head an old man stood before him. This startled him. 
He closed his eyes and drew his hand back. 
When he opened his eyes Casey was young again but never ever
had he seen  such a sadness. He didn’t know what to do let alone think.
“Why have you come, Casey?” Casey turned around slowly and left without

Zeke was surprised at how much he hated him leaving. It actually
kind of scared him.
It wasn’t ‘Love at first sight’ – he doesn’t believe in that.
Love is something people work at.
Though he kind of liked him. Oh well. ‘This is probably something
I can ignore’, he thought. Deep inside himself he felt that this was
impossible. He would never forget him.
He wasn’t sure what he had expected and now all he could think
about was “What was this? Was it a dream?’

When he closed his eyes he still heard his voice –
it felt like he was calling him, whispering, pleading for help.

He shivered in the warm room. Daydreams. He should stop this.
But Casey wasn’t a dream, he was real. But what was he?
How did he come here?
How did he become a winegrower?
Why did he hide (for that he was sure) in this tower that felt like a prison now to him?

He tad to talk with him, he wanted to get to know him better. 
To tell the truth he wanted to know everything about him.  
He clenched his fists, his heart ached an he … wept. What the heck?
Running down the steps he called him and bumped into Thomas. “Where did he go?”
Thomas frowned. “What do you mean, lad?” 
“Where has Casey gone? Where can I find him?”
Thomas went pale. “Casey? What Casey?”
Zeke told him what happened. Thomas knees got week and he had to lean on 
Zeke to keep himself upright. “You met Casey Connor?” It became more and more 
“But this can’t be. Casey Connor was the former estate owner of 
He left us more than 10 years ago.”
Thomas straightened his back.
“Thomas. Talk to me, please! What do you mean ‘he left’? Did he move away?”
Silence. Drop-dead silence.
“No, son. God bless you. This shouldn’t have had happened…”
Zeke didn’t understand anything what he was saying. 
“Where can I find him, Tom? I wanted to go to the tower again but…”
“There is no tower, boy. The tower collapsed the day Casey left. He’ll never come back.”
“But I saw him! I talked to him!”
“This is not possible!!! It must have been a dream, Ezekiel! And nothing more!”
Zeke got angry. “He wasn’t a dream! I held his hand and HE.WAS.THERE!”
Thomas led him to the kitchen where he called Sofie. After telling her what had happened Sofie Started talking…

Tags: c/z; fanfiction; the vineyard

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