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The Vineyard

It's very quiet tonight so I decided to post the next Vineyard :-)

Title: The Vineyard - Chapter 4
Characters: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG

When he woke up next morning he felt so good. Stretching and yawning he nearly jumped out of the bed and bade himself ‘good morning, Zeke’. Smilingly he crossed the bedroom and padded to the bathroom. Then he stopped. He was absolutely sure he had left the doors to the balcony open – now they were closed, the curtains were drawn and on the table there was a tray with his breakfast. Someone was here while he was asleep? He didn’t like this. It was strange, very strange and kind of … impolite? He’d have to talk to Thomas about it. Besides Thomas and Sofie (she was the kitchen chef Thomas had told him)  he has seen no one around. So it only could be him or her.

But he also wanted to thank his host for his generosity today.

He found several flyers beside the tray, tourist guides. ‘No interest Mr. C.’, he thought – this was definitely not what he wanted to do.


After a quick and refreshing cold morning shower – the coldness of the water almost made him jump out of his skin – he had breakfast. Usually he wasn’t a morning person but today he was eager to discover this little area. He went back to the bedroom and got dressed in blue jeans and a white sweater – when he came back it didn’t surprise him that the tray was removed, replaced by a vase with flowers and the newspaper. Perfect room service, no doubt – but he just didn’t like it that way. Now he wanted to go outside for a little walk. The reception was deserted. He rang the table bell and waited when Thomas showed up. With a cheerful “good morning, Ezekiel! How was night?” he padded him on the shoulder. “So what are you going to do today? Maybe a little walk through the vineyard?”

Zeke smiled “Think so. What would you suggest?”

Thomas still smiled “Did you get the flyers?”

“Yes. But this isn’t what I wanted to do. I think I’ll stroll around a bit, this tourist thing isn’t my cup of tea. I’m sorry.”

Thomas chuckled. “I guessed so. Feel yourself at home. You’re the only guest here but I  hope you won’t feel too lonely.”

Oh no. He needed this. At least for the first days. The phone rang. “Sure. I’ll get it, be back in an hour or so.” When he grabbed his jacket and the car keys in a hurry he murmured to Zeke “Daily chores, son.”

“Thomas? Where can I find Mr. Connor? I want to thank him for the rooms…” Good god, how does this sound?

Thomas sighed deeply. “I’ve to leave now, boy.  Is it ok for you to have lunch with us in the kitchen? I’m sure you’re used to something better, but…”

Zeke lifted his hand to stop him “It’s fine by me. I’d like this.”

And off he was. Strange people. He walked along the corridor looking at the pictures hanging there. “This doesn’t only look like a castle it seems to be one. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are armours somewhere.” This corridor looked very different to his own rooms. Old oil paintings of enraged and unfriendly looking people. Maybe ancestors to Mr. Connor. It was dark here, heavy  velvet curtains on the overlarge windows took all the light away as well as dark furniture along the corridor. No, this doesn’t look inviting, spooky somehow. No wonder he was the only guest. He’d change it. As mysterious as his host seemed to him – this house fit him well. He discovered several cracks at the walls, ‘time for some renovations, Mr. Connor’.


There was a small step winding upward. This made him curious, should he take the risk ? He felt like a 12 year old boy on an adventure tour. Yes. He decided to have a look. Besides there were no signs ‘private only’ or ‘no entry’ to be seen. The wooden steps were old, shiny, well-used and they creaked with every step he took. ‘Like the stairs to the tower to Sleeping ‘ Beauty’ – his own thoughts made him giggle. He stopped in front of a huge door with a little copper sign on it “C. Connor”. This is Mr. Connor’s home? In a tower (he was sure it must be a tower)?  As he said – strange people.

A low voice behind asked him “What are you doing here?”

Shit! He turned around and had to hold his breath. He was looking into the bluest eyes he has ever seen. The tower of Sleeping Beauty suddenly seemed to be not at all that absurd…

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