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The Vineyard

Thanks to my dear friend aliensouldream  for the beautiful banner and for reading over it *hugs close*

Title: The Vineyard - Chapter 3
Characters: Casey/Zeke
Parting: PG

The ride to „The Vineyard“ was very quiet, Mr. Moon didn’t talk and Ezekiel joined him in his hush. Soft hills overspread with dark green, lavender fields, cornfields, fields with wildflowers passed making him feel calm and relaxed. Yes, he told himself again, it was a good choice. He’d stay here during summer. He saw a few people, only few little houses – he’d like it here and felt like travelling through a long lost country. After half an hour they

turned left to a small and stony way, winding upward until they moved toward an old massive house that reminded him of an old  English castle. Looking around it felt like time had stood still here.


Mr. Moon wanted to take his luggage but we won’t hear any of it.

“I’m not as old as I look” – his driver said.

Oh, he didn’t mean to …

“Come along, boy. I’ll show you your rooms.”

Rooms? He only booked and paid for a single room. Did he make a mistake?

Taking the key from the old wooden and carved keyboard he followed Mr. Moon. They walked along a very long and dark corridor, only domestic service personnel of long past days were missing.


Mr. Moon opened the door at the end of the corridor and he had to hold his breath. He didn’t know what he had expected but this highly exceeded his expectations. This had nothing to do with the old fashioned, almost Spartan furnished room from the internet. This was modern, light and comfortable. Two big windows took almost the whole wall in the West. What a view! Soft hills with many rows of grapes. “But…” he couldn’t find the right words.

“It’s ok, son. Your host wanted you to have this rooms. Feel yourself at home.”

“But I’m sure it’s too expensive…”

Mr. Moon giggled “No, lad. We didn’t have guests in months and it’s yours as long as you’ll stay here…” Murmuring to himself he added quietly “I wish you’ll stay a bit longer for HIS sake.”

Zeke was confused.

“Pardon? Mr. Moon?”

It was as if Mr. Moon awoke from  a reverie. “Call me Thomas, please.”

“O.K. Thomas then. I’m Z.. Ezekiel.”

After he showed Zeke everything he left him alone. It looked like a dream, he felt like a king. He had to think about the last words Thomas said. What does this mean?

He opened the double door to ‘his’ balcony and stepped outside. Mother Nature did her best here.


If  Toni would like it here? No, definitely not – no shopping centre, no super market, no underground – he wouldn’t like to be stuck like this. Yes, he had made the right decision.

He felt hungry, very hungry and was looking desperate for something to eat when someone knocked at the door.

“It’s open” he called but nothing happened. When he opened the door he found a little table with a tray on it, bread, cheese, meat, tomatoes and a bottle of wine. There was a little card, too. It said “Welcome stranger. Enjoy your time! Forget your past – look forward to the future. “

It was signed with C. Connor.


This was odd. Did Mr. Connor know him? Or was this a line he used usually – dedicated to all guests? It was moving. Personal. He wanted to know his host as soon as possible.


The dinner – he didn’t expect it like this, having it alone in his rooms. But it was the best dinner he ever had. Coming back after a quick shower the tray was removed, now he found 3 books on the table. Books about legends and sagas from this area. He read a little and felt asleep very soon dreaming of dragons, fairies, drunken knights and blue eyes.


Murmuring to himself “Yes, Mr. Connor. I’ll enjoy being here…Whoever you are we’ll meet sooner or later.”


The Moon looked down at him, caressing his face, softening the crinkles. It was a good night, peaceful and restful, too.

Tags: c/z; fanfiction; the vineyard

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