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banner and beta by my dear friend aliensouldream 
Thank you, sweetie!

The Vineyard - Chapter 1
Characters: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG
Chapter 1

It was time for vacation, for leaving everything behind. He felt empty, burned out. Via internet he booked a room at a little vineyard far away from home. He needed space, he wanted something new. Whatever it would be – he just had to leave. The last weeks have been too exhausting and he was tired of all those arguments,  justifications, anger and emptiness. Even it he feels ok he knew nothing was in the right place. Not even he himself. His relationship was only habit, routine. He had to break it – though it wasn’t as easy as he thought it to be. So he gave up everything, his house, his job, his friends. Friends. Colleagues. Nothing more. No one was waiting for him because he didn’t want this kind of living together anymore. It didn’t feel right. Now he didn’t even have a home any longer. Toni. His former lover (so he thought), now his room-mate – last week he was scared when he realized he has become a complete stranger to him now. Toni didn’t understand – but he didn’t care. It was his life after all and it wasn’t the life he wanted.  It took him 8 years to realize he likes Toni but he simply wasn’t the love of his live.

The advertisement he discovered in the internet showed a small vineyard with soft hills. It said “Sit back and admire the beauty of Lake Mills, while enjoying a glass of wine in our wine bar”. It must be very small, only 5 single rooms and 2 double rooms could be booked. Good. So only few people  would be there.  He didn’t need adventures, he just wanted some rest, time for thinking about his future. He had no clue what to do now. He loved his job – maybe he could find an employment there. Maybe something different. More than 10 years he worked hard as a brick layer. He loved building houses – seeing them growing by his hands. But he was tired, no vacation in years. His boss didn’t want him to go but he felt it was time to go now or he’d never leave this city. He remembered Jack’s last words to him “Trust in what your heart tells you, believe in what you know inside. Remain true to yourself and don't look back but look forward to all the endless possibilities.”

The pictures showed a wine cellar, oak barrels,  vineyards… it looked quiet, peaceful, almost light-hearted. It was perfect!. While packing his travel bags after leaving the cell phone number at his neighbour just in case – he even hummed a little song. Mistletoe and wine – wasn’t this a Christmas song his mother sang to him when he was a child? He had to chuckle. Turning around the last time, locking the door, removing his name “E. Tyler” from the   front door he threw the key into the mailbox, straightened his back and went to the railway station. It would take 12 hours until he’d arrive but it was o.k. for him because he loved riding by train. There was so much to see, something he didn’t mind taking his time. After he sat down in his reserved seat he slowly relaxed. He bade Herrington farewell , being absolute sure there would be no coming back.

A new part of his life began, the sky opened it’s locks – pouring rain thundered against the almost blind windows. ‘It’s like washing away the uneasiness, troubles and doubts’ he thought. For the first time in months he smiled. Life's glory is not in never falling, but getting up every time you fall.

Yes, it seemed to be a good start.


Tags: c/z; fanfiction; the vineyard

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