julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning!!!

What a start into the new day! 

I had a wonderful little chat with my friends random_fandom and periantari, thank you ladies. I enjoyed it verrrry much. 

I got wonderful e-mails this morning, thank to all who send them (I love replies to my comments, but ... who don't).

It will be a wonderful day, I'm sure. 

Friends around, hobbits in my head - could it be better ? No, absolutely not. 

The sun is shining, birds are singing and I have to waste my time at work ... but I know I'll have a wonderful time when I'm at home again. 
My friends are here, TONS of stories are waiting to be read, pictures, trailers, .... I must be crazy and I love it.

Have a wonderful day ... all of you 

Love and kisses

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