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It's a birthday

Happy birthday my dear   sayhello 
I hope your day is filled with people you like,  joy, sunshine, stars and love! 
I wish you all the very best my friend!

This is for you:

Title: Choice
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG

Far too long

I begged my heart

NOT to love you.


Far too long

I lied to you…

But much more to myself.


‘He’s my gardener …

He’s out of reach…

He’s innocent and far  too beautiful.’


I saw you crying more than once.

Bitter tears.

Tears at times

have the weight

of speech.

Tears of hurt are

Tears of blood.


Waving away your hair

from your forehead,

wiping away those pearls

running down your cheeks

I open my arms

for you

to fall in.


Finally I know what to do.

I see a choice.

My only choice.

I see




I’m bound.

To you.

I’m free.

Love and hugs,
Julchen .

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