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I missed a birthday!!!

strawberry cup

Why am I always that slow!!!???
Happy belated birthday my dearest summershobbit 
You're such a lovely lady and a dear soul. I'm glad to be your friend and I hope you had a fantastic day full of love, sunshine and joy!
I wish you all the very best, sweetheart!

So this is for you! I hope you'll enjoy.

Title: Happiness
Pairing: F/S
Rating: G

I wanted to feel my heart again
The full moon glances in through 
the  open window. 
Fully awake
you’re right beside me …
Listening intently to your
breathing, slow and steady.  
And have to face the truth …
I can have what I need …
I only had to
You taught me this.
Tomorrow became today…
and I’ll never look back. 
‘Walk with me to places
we’ve never known’
you asked me silently
the previous night.
You took the lead
and I
The memories you gave to me
for life 
fill my soul.
When you lean on me
my senses are dancing as if
I would walk upon wild herbs…
I lift my head and smile.
My troubles seem so far away …
When our lips
gently touch -
our hearts whisper
all I wanted was you.
Falling asleep 
our hearts are dancing
in the end. 
Thoughts and dreams,
Happy ones …
and no one 
can ever take it 
Even when you are sleeping
you protect ME, Frodo. 

Lots of love and big tight hugs,
Julchen .
Tags: birthday; f/s; poem;

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