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Happy Sunday!

Hello f-list! Just want to say a quick "Hello!"
I'm off to deliver some cakes to three elderly ladies. They ordered them for their birthday. A couple of months ago I decided to do something ... mmm... how to say it ... kind? So whenever there's someone who's living alone in our little village needing a cake - they just have to call me and I'll do it for them. Most of the time I'm doing it at home, but sometimes (like yesterday) I'm doing in in their kitchen because they like some company. It makes me very glad to see older people a little happier than usual. So now before I'm on my way to the neighborhood with 3 strawberry cakes and 30 strawberry kisses I just had to say I miss you and I hope you're enjoying you beautiful Sunday.
This evening I have to make 2 strawberry cakes for tomorrow and a chocolate-nougat one for Tuesday (it tastes much better when it's made a bit earlier)

Love and hugs,

See you soon!!!

Title: CHANGES - Chapter 15: Care
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

It’s almost 11 a.m. We should go to Casey’s parents for lunch. Didn’t they invite Aaron, too?

I don’t know what to do. On the one hand a part of me wants to stay here, on the other it would be impolite to ignore the invitation.

“Hey. You go for a shower and I’ll get Aaron, ok?” Again he’s reading me like an open book.

He kills me with his smile. After a quick shower I’m still insecure what to do. I won’t go. I’d like talking to Aaron first. But then we won’t make it punctual. But Aaron should go. Definitely. Besides I’ve to clean the tiles in half an hour. Lame excuse.

“Zeke! Hurry up! We’ll be too late!” How to tell Casey… I can’t do this to him, he looking so forward to having me at his home. I force myself to look happy… Am I ready to go? No. But he deserves it. Entering the living room he’s alone. “Where’s Aaron?”  He looks sad. “He doesn’t feel very well, he said.” He’s sick? “What’s it?”

“He just can’t eat anything he said, must have had something wrong.” Of course. Me. Why didn’t I call him last night? “I’ll have a look, just takes few minutes, Casey.”



“It’s ok if you won’t go. I’ll explain it to my parents. Don’t worry. But I won’t tell them too much.”


”It’s ok, I understand.”

“Are you angry?”

“No. Why should I. I’ll be back in the afternoon and now off with you to Aaron. I think he’s waiting for you…”

“Next time, Casey. I promise it to you…”

He leans on my, hugging me gently “you don’t need to make a promise. Just please as you like, Zeke. And you don’t have to…”

It’s getting to emotional. Again. Holy hell!.

 While smoothing his hair away from his forehead a single tear is rolling down his cheek. “Casey?”

He hugs me tighter, burying his head against my neck. If tomorrow never comes it should be like now. “Love you, Casey…”

“Love you, too. And now I’ll take your bike then I’ll be back in an instant, k?”

He kisses me as if it would be our last kiss and then … he’s off. I’m looking after him until he turns the corner.


Aaron. Grandpa. I’ve to check up how he’s doing admitting I’m a bit concerned.

He’s sitting in his rocking hair, hands folded in his lap, head bend down to his chest and he’s snoring slightly. Grandpa. The image reminds me on a picture postcard. I wish I would have known him when I was a child. I’m sure he’d have been a great story teller with me as his attentive listener. Kneeling in front of him I’m watching him again. He looks relaxed now, not as old as yesterday. Peaceful. Putting a quilt over him, taking his pipe out from his hands I wonder if there’ll be someone taking care for me when I’m old. Will Casey still be there?

I can’t imagine being alone, not now even less when I’m older. How alone must grandpa have felt all the years, the last months knowing his grandson is living right beside him. Stupid old man, why didn’t you tell me earlier?  He’s 90. It hurts he has to go some day. All too soon. I wish…


Come on Zeke. Let him sleep. Leaving a little note at the little table right beside him, refilling his glass with water I’m tip-toeing to the door, turning around the last time, closing the door silently behind me I whisper “Bye, grandpa. See you soon…”




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