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Good morning friends!
How was Monday? YAY it's over! I had to get back to work yesterday after 14 weeks at home. What should I say? Monday is over. Weekend is close :-))

Have a lovely Tuesday, my dears.

Love and hugs,

This is for my dear aliensouldream 
Just because...

Title: CHANGES - Chapter 14: Teamwork
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

On my way to Casey it’s hard to concentrate. So many things are running through my head. The first breakfast with my grandfather, though with Aaron I had many breakfasts before. But this wasn’t the same, this was different. More emotional. Of course I told Aaron so many things about me but I’m sure grandpa wants to know much more. Like I do. I’ve to go to him again, can’t leave him this way. He was weeping. I made him cry.  Good tears? Not so good tears? I didn’t mean it. He shouldn’t be sad because of me. Of course I want to ask him thousands of questions. Why couldn’t I bring myself to ask him only one? Because I’m scared. What else am I going to hear ? Do I really want to know everything? Definitely yes. What did they talk about me? Did they talk about me at all? Was or am I that important for my grandma and for him? Maybe they talked more about me than I can ever imagine. Good god, that sounds so self-aggrandising.


He’s a good listener but I’m not that good in talking. Words turn out the wrong way that’s why people often misunderstand me. Their biggest mistake? They don’t ask me how I mean it when they don’t understand. They just … Oh, I should stop this now. I’ve nearly overseen a red traffic light. Fortunately there’s no one on the way. Of course. It’s early Sunday morning and I’m on my way to Casey.


Casey. How can someone talk that much in the morning? I’ll never stop asking myself. I’m sure whenever he opens his eyes he’s ‘spot on’.

If I would be a singer I’d sing this song I’m listening to right now to him.


Come take my heart for granted
And give me all your heart
Baby will you trust me
Right here from the start

Which way you're going
Your love is growing
After the lights go down
You're always in my heart

Love is like fire
An endless desire
And after the curtain falls
I kiss away
I kiss away the pain

But I can't give you anything but Love
Oh that's for sure
I can't give you anything but Love

Where do all these emotions come from?


So here I am. At the Connors. They seem to be early birds. Walking to the door I can hear them talking and laughing. I’m a bit envious. Family. They are a real family. But I’ve a family now, too. My family. It’s still unbelievable. I have to get used to it. Aaron. My grandpa. And Casey. He belongs to me, too. I wonder where Victoria, where my mom is at the moment. I should give her a call. Just to hear her voice, a voice I can’t remember. It’s my fault -  I didn’t call her in months… neither did she. No, I’ll drop this. But didn’t say grandma my mom loved me? That’s why she had to leave me behind? I’ll talk to her. Time for a huge cleaning-up inside and out.


Lost in thoughts I don’t realize that the door is already open. “Hey,  Zeke!” Casey. He hugs me tight, then he’s watching me. After a small kiss he murmurs “The smile on your face shows me how you need me. What happened, Zeke?” He just holds me tight to his heart – how does he know what I need the most right now?

“Lets go in, I’ll be ready in a minute…” Mrs.  And Mr. C are flirting, that makes me feel a little out of place, though it’s cool.

“Good morning, Zeke!” Mrs. C welcomes me with a smile.

“Good morning, son! You’re up very early as Casey told us! How are you?”

He’s roaring like a lion. He said “son” to me. It’s the second time this morning someone called me this. Aaron called me grand”son”. Three little letters that weigh so heavily. Never heard them so why am I so touched now. Emotional crap. Casey’s hand slips into mine, squeezing it gently, whispering “Ready to go?”

Oh yes. More than this. ”Yes.”

“Bye mom! Bye dad!”

Phew. Done. “Zeke? Casey?” Mrs. C. calls us back “Lunch at 12, be on time!”

“K, mom…” Hand-in-hand we’re leaving, it seems he’ll never let me go. As if I could let him go…

“Thanks, Casey…”

Casey just understands even without saying anything I know it. It’s his eyes telling me that. 

We didn’t say anything on our way back to my place. We didn’t need words to keep a very special ‘conversation’ running.


Entering my flat he’s nearly bouncing.

“Hey! You just prepared everything? Cool.”

Mutual we’re rolling our sleeves up, I remove my watch and then keep a First Aid Kit on hand, you never know.


“Can you help me spreading the dry-run for the layout at the floor, Casey?”

“Sure. I’m quite confident this will work best with this little place.”

We’re applying the adhesive carefully and soon it starts to set up.

“What’s next, Zeke?”

We’re both looking at the specialist journal together “Flip the trowel around to the notched side, run it at a 45 degree angle to create wide grooves” the introduction says.

“This shouldn’t be a problem, right? Casey?”

“Is there anything you can’t do? I read this line 3 times and I still don’t know what to do…”

This makes me smile. “Look, the battens form a right angle and they are straight. Now you only have to twist the tile gently into place, never sliding it. Then we have to use spacers between the tiles to maintaining consistent lines. Got it? Come on, the next one is up to you!”

“Zeke! Zeke! It works!!! It freaking fucking WORKS!!!” His enthusiasm is contagious. Soon his cheeks are slightly pink and he’s whistling all the time.  It’s the same song I sang along in my car.


“Zeke!!! This looks soooo great!” Taking a piece of padded wood covered with an old blue towel I’m beating the tiles to get them set adequately in the adhesive.

“You’re incredible, I’ll call you from now on…”


He giggles “no! Zeke The “Tiler” Tyler!” I can’t stop laughing.

Two hours later we’re finished. The tiles have to dry out for about 30 minutes so we’re taking a break. Admiring our first tiled floor he puts his arm around my waist, leaning his head against my shoulder.


“Great teamwork, isn’t it?” I’m so very proud of us.

He keeps quiet.


“I’m so glad you came over to catch me, Zeke. Do you know what’s the worst when I’m at home?”

He reaches out for my hand and puts it over his heart.

“I always miss you so much that makes my heart ache.”

He’ll always charm me, touch me because he always says what he thinks and what he feels without holding back.

“Miss you, too…”

Tightening his grip it feels like time stands still.



Looking into his eyes, touching his face makes me feel…

“I’m happy, Casey. I’m so damned happy…”

And this time it’s me kissing him.

“I love you to be here, Casey…”

“I love to be with you, too…”

“How do you do this?”


“Saying exactly what I want to say but I’m unable to find the right words…”

He smiles at me, his eyes all stars and glimmers “It’s you, Zeke. It’s all because of you…”

How could I not be in love with this young man. A long deep kiss follows.

He smiles against my lips…”Yes, babe. I love you, too…”




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