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Title: CHANGES - Chapter 11: Grandma's Letters
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG 

This is for my dear babydracky 

“Stop, stop, Casey…”

He looks at me questioningly … “I’m so nervous. I’ve to calm down a bit…”

He smiles at me “if you’re not just a little bit nervous you probably don’t have the expectations of yourself that you should have… It’s ok,Zeke. I’ll stop as soon as you want me to, k?”

Little did I know what I got to learn …


“There’s no date on this one but the letter seems to be very old, the ink is blurred. “

Looking at it makes my heart race.

“Ready, Zeke?”



“Go ahead.”


“My dear Aaron,


I miss you. I miss you so much. You’re gone for more than 2 months now, you left without a word. But I understand it, it’s hard to bear to realize that I’ll never see you again.

Never will I forget this magical night we spent together, out of town in this little secret garden. I’ve stolen the wooden sign, stashed it away in our tool-shed. So many times I’ve been there, touching the sign as if it could bring back these hours full of love. Sometimes  I wish I could turn back the time… to stay there.

My father told me that you know I’m going to marry one of his friends. All because of money. To safe my family. I didn’t have the courage to tell you, he did.

The wedding will be in November, the invitations are already sent off.

Please forgive me for being so weak. I want you to know my heart belongs to you, always had, always will.


With deepest love,

M. “



The pain is palpable. All because of money. This makes my heart ache.


“The next one, Zeke?”

“Yes. Please.”


“Dear Aaron,


The wedding was on November 11th. It was huge party with lots of people, most of them I didn’t know. Those people think they are important – to me they mean nothing. The most important person wasn’t there. You.

My husband is a good man. You don’t know him, I think it’s for our best.

My doctor told me that I’m pregnant. This little baby growing inside me keeps me going,

More than you’ll ever now.


I miss you.


With all my love,



“There’s only one letter left, Zeke…”

“Wait a minute, Casey. So Aaron left her, she married my grandpa but she still loved Aaron. Shortly after she became pregnant with my mother. I wonder how she could bear this rollercoaster of emotions.”

“Reading this makes me sad, Zeke. I never could betray the love of my life, even less for money. “

“But she said – she had no chance. Her family came first. Rather unselfish… ”

“It unbelievable that she had to go through so much. But she surely loved your grandfather, too. I don’t know how but to me it seems she talks verly lovingly about him in a few words. Did you know your grandpa, Zeke?”

“No, he left my grandma a long time ago out of the blue, he never came back. No word, no sign, nothing. Could you please read the last one, Casey.”


“My dear Aaron,

It’s the first time one of my letters will reach you. The letters I’ve written before confirms what a coward I am. I never had the courage to post them. Now that I’m old it’s time for you to know the truth. You moved back here into your  old house 4 weeks ago, though we meet daily I didn’t have the courage to tell you the truth face to face so far.


A couple of years ago my daughter Victoria gave birth to a little boy. His name is Ezekiel. I’m sure you’ve seen him here. He’s a wonderful child, beautiful, loving but stubborn and a little rebel, too. The day he was born I had a long conversation with my husband. A conversation we should have had many years ago.

We talked about Victoria, about Ezekiel, too. I told him that Vicky isn’t his daughter, that Zeke isn’t his grandson. He simply said he knew it all the years. That he felt my sadness, the melancholy. I loved my husband but he was right, my heart always belonged to you.

He was hoping I’d tell him the truth, day by day. But I didn’t trust him enough. I didn’t want him to know. I was a coward, I betrayed you both.


It’s true – Victoria isn’t his daughter.

She’s your child, Aaron. You are her father. Vicky is our child. When I told her the truth she left with her husband Jack, left Zeke at my place. That’s something I’ll never understand.


Remember the day I called you, it was the day Ezekiel was born, when I asked you to have an eye on him when I’m gone? You didn’t come back at once, it took you more than 10 years to come back.


Whatever may come. I’ll beg you – please have an eye on Zeke. If you won’t do it for yourself or for me, do it for him. Sooner or later he’ll need you.

I’m still not sure if I’ll tell our grandson the truth. He’s too young but he has to know it. I won’t be around not any longer, I told you about it. Maybe we can talk about this letters tomorrow.


With love,



Silence. Drop-dead silence. My head is spinning. 

This is a once in a lifetime love that’s pure and from the heart, a love story you only read about in fairy tale books. I think I should give you a ride back home, Casey.”


“Zeke? Are you ok?”


“It’s a story about good beginnings, a magical night and a lost love. After all these years they found to another again... Happy ending. That’s it.”


“Zeke? Do you realize what she said?”


I won’t. I can’t. Then it hits me… and all I can do is crying…




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