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Wow! What a lovely Sunday! The sun is shining, I had a great Italian salad and a glass of champagne!!!
Sitting here in my little kitchen, still in my pyjama ... god, I love this!
My dad got me a catalogue with roses in it and they look fantastic!
These above are called "Kiss of desire" ... they look very pretty and they are very expensive *sigh*
Now I'll take a little shower and then I'll play with my cats. They are still waiting, writing is definitely NOT possible today *giggles*

Enjoy this beautiful day, sweethearts! Sunshine or  rain - I love them both! and my wonderful f-list!


This is for verangel    just because..
Title: Changes - Part 3: Beginnings
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

What a hard way … I didn’t take my car, it would be too dangerous in the state I’m in, absolutely unconcentrated. Aaron kept his fingers crossed to wish me luck. Goodness. My heart skips a beat the nearer I’m to school. I thought a lot about Casey this night, intentionally. To be prepared. Prepared for what?


We’re sharing physics and chemistry lessons. I can’t stop watching him, chewing on his pen, concentrated following what Mr. Furlong says. The school bell almost makes me scream. So now. Go, Zeke. Talk.to.Casey.Connor.


“Hey, Casey…”


He looks surprised and startled. “Hey, Zeke…”


“May I have a word with you?” God good that sounds like I want to kill him.




Did he say sure? And now? Why didn’t I do a cheat slip? I got so ready talking to him in my bed last night and now I can’t hardly remember my name.


“So what’s up, Zeke?”


I want to run away.


“I… Aaron told me what … in January… so… why didn’t you… I had no clue…”

Stuttering around like a 13-year old boy doesn’t make it easier for me…


Casey smiles… “Calm down, Zeke. I don’t understand a single word…”


Breath in, breath out… Ok. Here we go again.


“Aaron told me what you did for me when I was ill… I had no clue, Casey. But thanks for everything.”




That’s all? K? What did I expect? Maybe one complete sentence.


“I really didn’t know. Thanks to your mom as well…”




God, he’s talk-active, isn’t he? I have to keep this conversation (conversation???) running … ah, I know…


“Casey, could you do me a favour?” (Say yes, say yes, say yes, please…)


He looks at me questioningly. “Me?”


“Do you see anyone other around? See – I started helping my neighbour with his garden chores and now I want to repair his rooftop. But I can’t do this alone. “


“And you want me to help you?”


“That would be nice…”


“Count me in, Zeke. Where and when? “


Wow. Now that’s quick. “How about this afternoon, at 4 at my place?”


“K., I’ll be there..” and off he is. I feel like an idiot. I wanted to say so much more, I really wanted to TALK to him… But, hey, he agreed! He’ll come over. This afternoon. I have to tell Aaron…


The rest of the day is crawling along, like a chewing gum. Never ending.


Finally it’s almost 4 and Casey just turns around the corner with his bike. Why didn’t I catch him?


“Hey, Zeke…”


“Hey yourself…”


He’s hesitating, there’s something bothering him… “What’s up, Casey?”


“Do you really think I’m the right one for helping you? I have no clue in anything when it comes to repairing …” This makes me smile.


“Of course, you are. But first I wanted to trim the lawn and to cut the hedge. Then we’ll make a list of what we need for the roof. Will you help me? Aaron will help us with it, too. “


And I’m babbling and babbling and babbling. Soon we’ve a light conversation running and it’s very pleasant talking with Casey. We’re working very harmonious like we never did anything else. At 7 p.m. we’re done, sitting at Aaron’s porch together with my neighbour and we’re laughing a lot. All too soon Casey has to go and I’m walking with him to his bike.

“Thanks, Casey. Thanks for helping me… “


“You’re welcome,  Zeke. I enjoyed it a lot.”


“So how about tomorrow, same time, same place? Or – if you won’t mind – a bit earlier?”


He’s beaming at me and this takes my breath away. “Cool. I’ll be here, Zeke…”


“Looking forward to it, Casey…”


“Me, too… Nite, Zeke. See you then…”


“Nite, Casey. Take care…”


Another time he smiles at me and waves good-bye.


Hands in my pockets I’m walking back to Aaron, can’t but smile, realizing

I’m so happy I could cry. But I won’t …


“Aaron, I have to tell you what happened today …”


With this I close the door and I don’t have to mention we sat at his kitchen for a long long time… It would have been impossible to sleep anyway…

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