julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Time for a little poem ...

This is for my dear aredhelebenesse    just because ...
Title: The White Rose
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG 

Standing here atop the hill

My troubles now seem far away.

I lift my head and smile,

I have to think of you.

I have never felt so free

so one with who I am.


You show me how to start each day…

this morning through a flower,

the white rose’s petals all dipped with dew…

white as the color of snow,

as soft as the gently wind

playing with your hair.


You are right.

I’ll always go forth,

there’s so much to see.

Knowing everything is temporary,
emotions so immeasurable…

kneeling, quietly staring,
at the white rose.

To me it symbolizes strength and


beauty and grace.

And for a moment the time stands still.


For you it is a rose,

For me it is your heart.

If you need a light in your darkness …

leave that to me,

to your Sam.

Good night, my friends!
Love and hugs,
Julchen .
Tags: f/s; poem;

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