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3 birthdays ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO frolijah_fan_54   ,   blackbird_song   and harukameko 

Have the most beautiful day with lots of love and joy, sunshine and flowers!
I wish you all the very best, my dear friends!

Love and big tight hugs,

Title: " Free "
Character: Frodo
Rating: None

I love walking in the stillness …

the air is fresh and clean,

I can  the taste the salt air on my lips.

Slowly the sun rises,

promising I’ll find

warmth and contentment.


I let the water flow over my feet,

over my hands…

beautiful illuminating pearls,

glittering like silver bubbles

mixed with pastel rainbow colors.


I stop near a bench


this magical place.

I feel like

I’d like calling out

over the sea

as it rolls in,

wave after wave,

touching the land,

tucking under,



Bilbo once said

“Emotions sometimes set us adrift.

The returning tides bring us back

 into the heart of another …

we just have to listen.

Not matter where you are –

he’ll hear this certain call

 when the time has come,



Here at this place

I stood

so many times,

thinking endless thoughts,

dreaming endless dreams,

crying endlessly.


I was scared,

angry, sad, wounded –

it hurt.

More than once

I asked myself if

the decision I had made

was right.


Now I can say

from the bottom of my heart

it was not wrong.

The shadows are gone –

the real Frodo,

the real me

came to life again.


I’m looking forward

to each and every day –

I do not need to see

to believe

the venture satisfied.

I feel free.

 This makes me glad.

 Almost happy.


I learned these days

 the time is right,

Bilbo was right  -  

I feel Sam heard my call.

He will come.



Sam, look into a starlit night

and you’ll see now

a reflection of me,

a reflection of us.


I am waiting … eagerly anticipating …

returning to your always  open arms,

swept homeward by the pull

of the tide and



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