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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday dear withywindle01   !!
Thank you for all the love and joy you're giving - with your presence here and with the beauty of your words.
May this day be filled with love and joy, hugs and kisses, lots of stars and sunshine and ... hobbits!

This is for you, my dear.

Title: Watching
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG 

I love it when my master writes.

He’s always very concentrated,

and lost in thoughts as it seems…

Sometimes I’m just standing in the door-frame

watching him …

It feels like absorbing moonlight on

still waters

in the dark of the night

even when it is in the middle of the day.


Listening to the silent scratching

of his feather across the parchment …

admiring this image like

the beauty of a bird.

The quill – it’s a marvel itself…

I held it in my hands once secretly –

it extremely lightweight and yet it is

strong as a bone.

The feather – humble as it may appear

is a masterpiece…

Like Mr. Frodo’s words are a wonders

of beauty…

Oh no, he doesn’t only write –

he signs the paper.



He paints pictures with his words,

Words that feel … mystic and real…

I asked him how he does it

creating worlds, images
out of the blue.

He smiled and whispered

“you only have to let  words come

out of you. Then it’s right.”

I thought about this many many times…

Reading his words feels like

Listening to his voice…



Hands have no tear to flow,

words have.





Enjoy this special day!

Love and big tight birthday hugs,


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