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Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest   honeyandvinegar</lj>  !
May this day be as special as you are!
Thank you for being my friend!

Love and biggest birthday hugs EVER!

A couple of months ago I read one of your wonderful stories, called "Somewhere past the Haze".
For those who didn't read it you can find it here:


I tried a little something for you, thanks to 


  for looking over it!

You can find it here:


God knows how much a child needs his mom when it’s ill.

When I came to the hospital – I’m glad Casey called me – I was shocked. I didn’t expect him that fragile. Like an angel with broken wings, torn, hurt and filled with fears. When I talked to him I saw his soul escape in unshed little tears. He was embarrassed, surprised, too. So I said “you look pretty good for a young man just out of surgery” – why should I show pity. This wouldn’t have been helpful, not at all.

First there wasn’t a smile only anger, even shyness – a desperate glance to Casey, barely to see.

I’m a mother. It’s in our nature knowing what to do when a child needs us. So I talked to him gently to reassure him, to give him warmth. After a while he relaxed and he accepted it, it must have been a hard task for him I’m sure.

His eyes upon my face, his hand upon my hand – my God, what a heart he his. Silver and gold, stars and rainbow.


When I fed him the ice – without any problem – he leaned closer, only a tiny little bit – that showed me how much motherly love he’s still missing. He wasn’t Mr. Coolness at this moment, he was only a little child with need for some help and ... love.


I talked to him again. “Tomorrow is beyond our immediate control. But you can fight the battle of just one day, of today, Zeke. It’s time to break down yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll take you home – to us. No arguing, dear!

I’ll tell you something Casey said to me a couple of weeks ago  - at this time I didn’t know how close you already were to another – perfection is when I’m with him, all trouble fade away. It’s a blessing to know him. I want him to know that he can count on me, always. Some time you'll understand, mom.

I understand now and it makes me happy and proud.”


He started smiling more and more. Jesus, this guy is pure temptation. I wonder how long Casey could resist… , it wouldn’t surprise me he felt for him after a very VERY short time. I know my son.


As promised we took him home to us the next day and now, almost 2 weeks later I’m looking at them, cuddled up in bed in those ridiculous Superman- and Batman-pyjamas - I can help but smile and I’m touched.

This is it – captive love.


The moon’s shining silver makes this mystical attraction – shining on their faces

compassion, trust and love.





Enjoy this maginificent day, sweetheart!

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