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Kingdom of Loneliness

Happy Sunday to you, f-list.
I hope you're enjoy this lovely weekend. Spring is close, I can smell it in the air. It's only the sun I'm missing...

Title: Kingdom of Loneliness / Letter 31
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R

My dear Zeke,


it took you quite a time to give me the last letter, but I’m glad you gave it to me.

Your letter left me thoughtful. And you know I am a thinker, maybe I think to much – this sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? You told me to stop by after school this afternoon again and this time I was looking forward to it.

I don’t know how long we held each other. I’m the biggest fool on earth, that’s more than true. Then you cupped my head between your hands and kissed me. Deep and soft, your lips tasted of salt and blood but not for love and money did I want to break that kiss. I thought I’d better make things crystal clear to you so I pressed myself against you. You gasped loudly and dug your nails into my hips. There was no doubt about the state you were in. I thought it must be almost painful for you – as hard as it felt. You clung to me so hard I felt your nails digging

sharply in my back…


“My god, Casey… Casey…”


You pressed your groin so tight to me that I’m sure it must have hurt you.


I opened my eyes and I had to smile.

I forced you gently from my shoulder and looked at you.




My mom.



“Your mom?”


We both sighed and laughed.


“I’d better go now, Casey… See you tomorrow then?”


“Of course…”




You turned around at the door and placed a little peck on my cheek, smiling this radiant smile again.


“I think … I like  you, Casey…”


“Love you, too…” but this you didn’t hear anymore.




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