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Another birthday!!!

Happy birthday to our wonderful  patchworkfamily</lj>  !
Enjoy this special day , have lots of fun and here's a little something from a little fellow we all love so much!

"Huan remembers..."

I remember the days when I sat waiting in the cool spring sun

for days …

I was  sitting there just waiting for someone.

For someone special.

Then they found me…

Samwise brought me home cradled in his arms -

to Frodo.

They smiled at me, laughed with me

they gave me special treats

thy even let me sleep with them …

snuggled in silken sheets!!!

This hasn’t changed.

At first they didn’t know if I would stay –

but why should I ever leave them again!!!

Oh no, I am a clever dog.

I loved my new found family at once!


When they are having a bad day

I’m silent, I try to stay close

until they feel better.

It always works.

Then I’m happy that they are happy again

and I run and bark and jump and play

that’s what they love most.

They are laughing a lot until their faces hurt –

(so Sam said just yesterday) whatever this means…


They talk often to me – even I don’t understand

them completely – I understand the tone of

their voices.

They just love me.

And I love my Frodo and my Samwise.

This will never change!

It’s birthday time now!

So let’s go having a wonderful party

with my patchworkfamily!

Lots of love and hugs for Frodo and Sam and zillions of headrubs for Huan,
Julchen  .
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