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rainy Sunday afternoon

It's a very rainy Sunday here but who cares :-)
It's the best time for just doing NOTHING!
Happy Sunday to all of you, my dears.

Title: At the library
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

I love spending hours at the library especially with Zeke. Being right  beside him, discovering something new, listening to his voice, listening when he holds his breath, hissing “shit!” when he’s found something incredibly interesting. He never hesitates in telling me at once, murmuring “Casey.
Look at this! You won’t believe it…” His enthusiasm is infectious.

I can’t believe he’s my friend. That’s what I say, I can’t believe I’m fallen in love with him that’s what I feel (I’m glad he has no clue…). though I’m trying not to be too obvious with my glances – but sometimes he looks at me with this piercing gaze, like he did when he talked about his art project about Da Vinci. He stopped once, whispered my name three times, sighed and licked his lips. Jesus. I wonder what this means. If only…

Then I heard “hope is a wonderful word”. I should have kissed him, instead I smiled at the painting he loves most. It’s called ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’. He started talking but I didn’t absorb everything beside his voice, the smell of his hair when he bent over… Words like “painted around 1493 – 1486, there are 2 almost identical paintings… Louvre, the second one in London…” I didn’t expect him to be the Da Vinci-type, I thought him more the Gaugin- type, more modern… though I can’t explain it.

“Casey… Casey… Casey?”

Concentrate Connor. His cheeks are slightly blushed, god, he looks so gorgeous with reddened cheeks… adorable.

“Casey, look. The Madonna is sitting in a cavern surrounded by phallic rocks and womb images. The setting was perfect for the chapel as it was built over catacombs…”

He gets into Da Vinci’s work completely. Shows me the differences… I’m enjoying the closeness, the intimacy.

“Casey! That’s interesting. Listen … They say the original sketches showed the angel as very feminine, this was changed in the final painting where the angel can be seen either as male or female…”

I have to say something … It’s indeed a very special painting and now I see the differences… “Zeke? The second version, the London version seems much bluer and has an air of flowing waters…”

He beams and smiles … he nearly kills me…

“You noticed it! See – parts of the painting are slightly unfinished, the left-hand of the angel being one area..”

“Why didn’t he finish it, Zeke?”

“It’s simple. He wasn’t paid for the first painting. Cool, isn’t it?”

And so this goes on for hours. I’m sure he discovered and learned a lot but  my head is only full of Zeke.

And so are my dreams at night: Madonna, angels, Da Vinci with a blue beard, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke… and we are not at the library … this keeps me awake. Why isn’t it possible to dream on right at the spot you woke up? It would be so… so… great!

Tomorrow he’ll join me at the library to help me … and I still don’t know what I’ll be working on.

Maybe something about … something about mystery, legends… or interpretation of dreams. Yeah. This will be interesting, maybe I’ll catch Zeke’s attention, too.
Oh Lord!  Wish me luck!

Here are the pictures Casey is talking about:

The Louvre version

The London Version 

Tags: c/z; ficlet;

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