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Kingdom of Loneliness

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Thanks for everything, sweetie!

Title: Kingdom of Loneliness
         Letters 16 - 20 (don't worry, they are SHORT :-))
Pairing: C/Z, Stokely
Rating: PG

Letter 16




I told you I’d hurt you sooner or later.

When you tried to kiss me I felt … sad and angry and so confused.

I don’t regret anything. It was a lovely night, but nothing more.

Only ONE night, you understand?

If I could turn back the time it wouldn’t be happening again.

I hope we can still be friends.


See you at school.





Letter 17




It took me quite a while to understand it was just a game for you, that you didn’t mean it serious. I should have known it. One doesn’t change completely only because of … of something different.

But you have to look for another ‘toy’.

If I would have known you only wanted to play – you can be sure I wouldn’t have come.

Never. Ever. You don’t regret anything? Fine for you.

You want us to be just ‘friends’?

I can’t manage it, Zeke.


So I’ll leave you be.





Letter 18




Where are you? I didn’t see you in days, you haven’t been at school.

I’m sorry, Casey. I shouldn’t have get it started. That’s all I can say. I didn’t mean to hurt you though I know I did. But believe me – it’s the best for you.

Stokes told me you are ill.


Be well soon,





Letter 19




How are you? I hope you’re feeling much better today. When I called your mom she told me it isn’t infectious anymore. I’ll come around tomorrow.

All the best from Del and Stan.

Zeke looks like shit. He’s so blind. He fears for you, Casey. But I know him a little bit better than you do. He’s an emotional snail.

We talked a bit … He nearly bit his tongue that he didn’t ask me anything about you.

He needs you, Case. I’m sure he knows it, just give him some time.

He’ll come back, you just have to wait.

He gave me a little note, you’ll find it attached.


Be well very soon, dear





Letter 20


Zeke’s note:



Please talk to me. PLEASE!!!



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