julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear i_o_r_h_a_e_l 
I hope you're having a wonderful day with lots of love and joy and beautiful boys around you :-)
Thank you for being one of the lovliest persons I know, always caring, always loving.
Without you this place wouldn't be as beautiful as it is!

Lots of love and birthday hugs,

This, little sweetheart, is for you (it's my second trial in your beloved fandom, I hope you'll enjoy) :

Title: "Friends?"
Pairing: J/J
Rating: PG

I’m tired to deal with the dark,

the mysterious side of our lives,

creatures, twilight,

night and death.

Fear and horror are guiding us,

haunting us.

More than once I wanted to give up

but I have to be strong…

I have to fight…

not for me

but for you.

Every day could be our last.

But it’s you who makes me going ,

It’s you giving me strength …

almost hope.


You have a give, little brother –

use it wise.

It’s not an ordinary gift –

it’s your heart.

Caring and loving

especially for the weak.

For me?

I can’t tell…


When I murmured

“brothers share a special bond”

you looked at me

with tear-stained eyes.

I wanted to cry, too

but I didn’t.


Brothers are forever” you said

Before you went away.


The season will change,

spring, summer, fall and winter,

When this is over

Will we still be … friends?


What is that compared to infinity?

To something deeper?


I’m happy and sad

that you’re my brother…


for the shows.


How can I keep you

when we are finished ?


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