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Good morning !!!!

Good morning to all of you! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
I definitely do :-)

Time to pick up my Sunday word for this week, it's "Reflections"
I gave it a try in this early morning hours ...

Title: Reflections
Pairing: Reader's choice
Rating: PG

I looked down his face and saw his deep brown eyes reflecting the lamplight that trembled excitedly around us. He lifted his head so that I could see his smile. The love I found there made my heart ache. Isn’t it said “love hurts” sometimes? Together we moved as gently as the breeze, as slowly as the time. There was no rush, no desperation. Only touches, whispers …efforts to comprehend the unbelievable “we” and “us” .

Lamplight played on the ceiling, darting from one side of the room to the other, preparing to spread the gossip throughout the entire house. And the house itself seemed to hold its breath, in awe what was happening at this very moment. A floorboard creaked back into place and then felt silent.

I was aware that my hands were on his arms now and I was pulling him from me, towards me, close and closer. He kissed me softly, held his breath once and nibbled gently at my lip. Almost successful he restrained a silent cry,  only a sigh escaped his lips as the heat between us intensified and he shuddered. His arms gripped tighter around my shoulders, an immense sensual power took us as  a final unchangeable interfuse.

This night we became lovers...  

Now in the soft morning light I see nothing but an image of us entwined, dark on light,  watched only by the whispering lamps, touched only by the light breeze, our exhausted wet bodies glistening in a world asleep.

Julchen .
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