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Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a wonderful St. Valentine's day!
Happy Sunday to you!!!

Again it's snowing right now and it's beautiful. The best of it? I don't have to be outside. I'll snuggle up for some reading ...

Love and hugs,

Title: Early Sunday mornings
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

„Early Sunday mornings“


Do you know this? You wake up early Sunday morning, tired as hell but you won’t close your eyes again because you could miss something important? Of course you could sleep, there’s nothing you must do, no work, no school, nothing. But you won’t waste time with sleeping.

While you’re watching the slightly snoring sleepyhead beside you there’s this intense happiness growing. It’s so strong, that you could cry. You think “Angel, such a beauty, fallen from heavens garden…” and you feel your soul escape in little tears you can’t hold back.


Then there’s this urgent need for a cup of coffee – hot, steaming, black as the night. So you get up, tip-toeing to the door, more than once thinking “shit” because of the creaking floor beneath your feet. Sleep on, sweetie…


When the smell of fresh brewed coffee lingers in the air, you’re looking out of the window, taking the first sip of coffee this feeling of happiness intensifies.


Dante once said sinners go where it is dark and dank and in the hot below, down where Hades rules. This time is over, far too long I stayed there, far too long I felt worthless and lonely.

I’m no longer alone, no longer afraid, no longer filled with despair, sadness, anger.


It is true – one person can change everything, he changed my world but not me, maybe a little bit of me.

He taught me to listen, to watch, to take care and the world opened up. My heart, too.

First I was frightened (God knows, I never would admit this), I felt so … naked but he made me feel important… beloved. He still does this to me day by day.


It’s still dark outside, it’s snowing …there’s the blue-tit  at my window waiting for me to be fed. Just beautiful. Slowly the world wakes up like I did… weeks ago.


Then there he is – hugging me from behind, head resting on my back, soft lips kissing my neck – and I feel, yeah… that’s it. Everything’s alright.


The very best on early Sunday mornings? You can return to bed again and it’s still Sunday morning … Return to sleep? Not only.

Can you see me smiling now? Sunday mornings are incredible, who wouldn’t agree in this case(y)…


Happy Sunday to all of you, enjoy your day.



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