julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest aquila0212</lj> 

Have a wonderful day with lots of love and joy, someone to dream about and someone who sings for you!
You're a very special friend, loving, kind, caring - simply a darling!

Love and biggest hugs for my Rammsteinchen,

And here's a little poem for you, sweetie!



I always loved words.

Simple words.

Meaningful words

Unspoken words.

Words behind the words.

Words inside words.


Sometimes words make me cry

Without any reason.

Because they are just beautiful

In their arrangement…


The words everyone loves to hear

Are too less said …

maybe because of their melody,

because of their beauty …


“Ana Habebakh”

“Tora dost daram”

“Ich liebe dich”

„Ti amo“


„Je t’aime“

„Ani ohev otakh“

Some of those words sound …

strange …

but all mean the same


“I love you“ .


Only three little words

and yet…

a little more than

just words


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