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It's a birthday!!!

Happy birthday my dear friend gardnerhill  !
Have a wonderful day with people you can hug, people hugging, with lots of love and joy, sunshine and beauty around!
Thank you for being my friend!

Love and lots of birthday hugs,

So this is for you, sweetie.

Title: Kind of guy
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

You’re the kind of guy you use to look at from across the room – the one who sometimes looks back, but never encourages you beyond the return of your own glance.  It always sucks to be reminded of my limitations …

Sitting beside you now I can feel my heart racing, anticipation grows and I can’t do anything against it.

Your voice seems so clear and powerful… careful, too…

“The mind can be a powerful tool in creating your own personal fantasy. There are no limits to where you can take yourself.

Sit back, close your eyes and imagine what you would like to be doing… or have done to you. You think we are too different, right? Believe me … we are not…”

You surprise me… how do you know? Is there a blinking sign on my forehead with your name on it?

“Don’t think too much about the differences, maybe you would just enjoy them…”

After two bottles of coke and beer and a few repeats of the same  CD  your hands reach out, softly touching mine … Awkward tension is an understatement …

Suddenly I feel your lips against my neck, one arm wrapped behind me, one leg thrown up over my lap. You pause for a moment to mutter, “so you really don’t mind, if…”

I get filled up with emotion, love, lust, frustration, it’s all there.

You think I’m the kind of guy who just hands all your words back to you in a different order when you try to make conversation with me …

I can tell you, I’m also the kind of man who doesn’t mind being pinned to the wall for a long hard kiss… or … more!

But even in my fantasies … I don’t dare to get close enough because when I’m  with you know its dangerous, yet you’d make me feel safe.

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