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It's a birthday!!!

May this day be full of happiness, sunshine, moonlight and stars and Sean-Elijah-love!
I'm so glad to be your friend, it's a blessing. Your wishes are my wishes for you.
Stay as you are - stay simply YOU!

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,

Title: Now
Pairing: S/E
Rating: PG



How long do we know each other,


For more than 10 years now.

We have changed

as everything has changed.


Today I read one of the letters

I got from you

many years ago.

I sat a while reminiscing
times we shared …

Do you remember the time,


How close we were?

In mind and body?

When you have been my Sam?


It began with

simple, innocent appreciation

and respect for another.


And then …

a glance.

A glance

I’ll never forget.


But you wanted ME to make a choice.

In the end you made it

for ME..


You told me –

You’d understand …

that it is beneath my dignity

to become

your part time lover.


Pretending we could be

“just good friends”

didn’t work for me,

iIt would have been a lie,

to disguise the truth.


So you said “no”.

Never regretted it –

I always did.

I still do.


There’s a drummer inside my heart.

Every lonely night.

That little drummer keeps me going.


Today you gave me a call

out of the blue.

You didn’t say much


the words

“I miss you”

“I want you”

“I love you”


So few little words

come to

something big.

Something beautiful.


I knew

you loved me –

as I said –

it was your turn to make a choice

when the time is right –

now you made it, this time

just for YOU.


I realize that no  word,
or sentence can fully capture
the essence of who you are.


Yes, Sean -
I love you, too.

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