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Happy Weekend!!!

Hello, hello, hello!!! Isn't it a lovely day? Here it's cold and foggy outside but indoors it's soooo cozy! I love days like this with blueberry pancakes for breakfast!
So I couldn't resist ...

Title: Blueberry pancakes
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

„Blueberry Pancakes“


I always loved being up early in the morning – returning to bed later.

Breakfast – it’s a wonderful time of the day, isn’t it? Preparing coffee, the smell of it is better than the taste itself …besides the first sip.  Glorious!

Blueberry pancakes – mmm… Kids think pancakes are a monumental event, something special and indulgent – Casey thinks this, too.


I remember when I made them the first time for him. He was … surprised and it made him happy. “You can cook?” he asked me with big blue eyes (nearly as blue as blueberries). This made us laugh. “Nah, just pancakes.”


I got the recipe from an elderly lady in the neighbourhood.

My grandma used to make them for me and I didn’t eat them in years. This night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get them out of my mind…


So here we go… I like to brush the pan with a very thin coat of melted butter – they are breakfast, right? Not too less, not too much.

Grandma always said: “It’s time to flip the pancake when bubbles appear on the surface. You’ll see tiny ones quite soon. Once you see a whole bunch, go ahead and flip it.”

It took me some practise– many pancakes landed on the floor – did I say many ? What an understatement.

The flavour of blueberries – still sweetened with sugar – makes my stomach grumble. Grandma’s advice: “Keep the blueberries separate, and plop them onto the batter once you’ve poured the pancake into the pan. This keeps the whole thing neater, as they only touch really the pan directly on the other side.” How could I forget about it, she almost yelled it every time she made the next pancake. This makes me laugh.


What would my grandma say if she could see me now? I bet she would laugh, calling me a “little fucking housewife” – that makes me laugh even more.

We had a great time – my granny and I. She taught me much - besides good manners. Her good manners were will hidden, too – but I guess that’s why I loved her so much. It’s not that we had none – but we only showed it if they are necessary. For my part this hasn’t changed.


Next pancake Tyler. So here we go number 10 … Casey is insatiable. Ok, not only when it comes to pancakes.

My grandma would like him. I’m sure she’d call him cutie or sweetie – no way, Tyler! This wouldn’t be her. She would say “Zeke-boy, great choice. His little butt is the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever seen! Oooooh, yes!”

Oh my god, I must be crazy laughing like hell alone in my kitchen. What else would she say “Damned! Why are you up that early. Isn’t this treat still waiting in your bed? What? He’s sleeping? Wake him up! Time for the next  round! Hurry up! Put your smart ass out of here! You can eat later …  to gain some strength!”


Yeah. She’d be right. I catch myself talking as if she would be here, laughing so hard until tears are running down my face.

“ZEKE!” Goodness! This man will kill me some time!

“BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!” – So here he is my sleepy head, looking like a kid in a candy store. I cut him a bit of the pancake and place it in front of his mouth as he opens up and chews it before swallowing. “Happy?” He closes his eyes, nods  slightly  which only feels like seconds before I feel kisses along my neck. I have to know …


I don’t have to mention we had our pancakes a LITTLE later, but despite they were cold  - the simply tasted delicious.


By the way… grandma – I think you are right. His butt IS the closest thing to heaven.


And here’s the recipe – just in case …


Blueberry Buttermilk pancakes


1 1/4  cups All Purpose Flour
1 1/4 cups Cake Flour
1/2 teaspoons Bakig Soda
2 tablespoons Baking Powder
2 tablespoons Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt
3 Eggs (separated), room temperature
2 1/2 cups Buttermilk
1/4  cup Milk
6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 Ltr. Blueberries


Place all the dry ingredients together into one bowl and mix well. In another bowl add the melted butter to the egg yolks and mix well, then slowly add the buttermilk, milk and vanilla. Now whip the egg whites in a third bowl until stiff (but not dry).

Add the dry ingredients to the buttermilk mixture and blend until everything is moist and lumpy. Important: Do not overmix - very important for tender pancakes. Fold in the whipped egg whites with a spatula until blended (small specks of egg white are no problem). Let the batter rest for 20 minutes.

On a lightly oiled griddle pour one ladle of batter and spread lightly. Sprinkle a small amount of blueberries on top and cook until the underside is light brown. Flip and cook until the other side is light brown. Keep all pancakes warm in a 200 Fahrenheit oven until ready to serve.


Have the most beeeeautiful day, f-list!

Love and hugs,


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