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I hope you'll like it that way *giggles*
For my sunshine :-)

Title: Locked
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

The silence is too loud…

No word in weeks.

All letters returned back

To sender.


But I won’t stop.

It’s time to fight.

Why don’t you let me in?

I know you’re there.


I told you I’d give up

everything for you and

I never saw you that furious.

You yelled at me,


“this isn’t necessary.

Never wanted it.


Do whatever you have to do

but don’t do it because

Of ME!”


You were right.

I’ll do it because of ME, Zeke.


It’s you I wanted.

This hasn’t changed.

But we have to change.

Come out of this fucking

snail shell!


You won’t read the letters?

Fine by me.

Then I’ll stay here

talking to you

through the locked door.


No matter what you’re

NOT saying  -

I’ll hear you anyway.

Always have.

Always will.


You won’t give an inch?

You don’t know how stubborn

I can be…

I’ll sit this out.

For hours so far.


Did I hear you?

Turning the key ?

I don’t have to pick the lock?

Be warned …

it’s my turn to wring

your neck!



After the kiss

I don’t know

Whether I’m coming

or I’m going.


I don’t even know my name –

all I know is …


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