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2 birthdays!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friends earth_dragon</lj>   and slightlytookish</lj> 
I hope you're having a gorgeous day with lots of love and joy!
May all your wishes come true.

Title: "Bond"
Pairing: reader's choice
Rating: PG

It was one of these days

you want to miss.


The way his mother looked at him

like he's a piece of crap and

dismissed him because

of his extraordinary lifestyle.

So loneliness is extraordinary

for her…

The way he hesitated

just a moment

with a little catch in his voice

and a glimmer of tears as he said

"...and I hate you too, mother."

That nearly killed me.


That's why he gets to me so much,

and why he crawled under my skin.


He is always so misunderstood,

people always think the worst of him –

sometimes even

his so-called friends.

I've always felt he was treated unfair

by life

and the people around him

many times…

That's part of why

he captured my heart

so completely.


He didn't try to be someone else.

He is who he is.

I remember him saying

“If you like it, okay.

If you don't, fuck off. “

I like that about him.


Let me help you to turn your dreams

into spirit,

to make them too important

to forget.


You want to live a happy life …

but you still don’t know how.


Fall asleep now,

let me be your pillow…

allow yourself a little rest

right beside me…

as so many nights before…


Holding you now …

makes you feel…
relieved …

I’ll never leave you.


After all this years

Our bond is too strong to



That was worth

in the long run.

Lots of love and biggest birthday hugs,

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