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It's a birthday!

Happy birthday my dearest wynterhawk 
Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship, for all the love your joy!  It's always a pleasure talking to you.
Have a wonderful day with lots of love, fun and sunshine.
All the best , darling!

This is for you, sweetie!

Title: "Fight"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

It was me who wanted to play.

Now it’s you

who wants to “dance”, Connor?

Willingly you lean into the touch.




The Kiss.

No caress – demand.

No tenderness - wildness…

Love ? Lust …

Devouring depth …

and more.


Moist lips moving,

tongues playing –

no …

fighting eagerly.

A dicky-bird provokes an eagle?

Hard task for you, Casey –


They say you’re an angel –

I know you are not.

Not in the common sense.

You show me -

that there’s obviously in each of us

a little



You think you’re crawling under my skin …

No way, Casey –

I take the lead .


You’re stuck on me ?

You should know you’re

walking on thin ice.

Make the most of it, Connor –

Before the ice breaks.

It’ll be your only chance

to escape.

I’ll find out how far

I will take you tonight.


I’ll never be yours –

neither now

nor ever…

and yet

I am…


Could it be

I like this?

Not at all.


And yet too much.

Love and big tight birthday hugs,

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