julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Kingdom of Loneliness

Title: Kingdom of Loneliness /  Letter 5

Pairing: C/Z

Rating: PG

Thanks to my dear beta, friend and muse




Casey, my dear Casey,


Leaving you was very hard, leaving you without a little kiss. I was so frustrated. How'll your lips feel like? Soft? Cool? Warm? Velvety? Moist? Sweet? I'm running in circles, reliving this very special night. When we danced it felt … surreal.. Holding you, feeling you … I don't know what to say, Casey. I went to bed at once, hiding underneath my blanket (because of the cold) and I still had goosebumps… Tossing and turning I couldn't sleep. So I'm sitting now in the living room and all I can do is to write. When you put your hand on my chest, slightly touching me like a little feather I was so close to explode. Whenever I close my eyes – you're waiting for me. Standing on the balcony, you leaning against me – now I know what 'spell under the moon' means. This feelings I have now, I still don't know what it is – Is it too big? Too strong? Too deep? I don't know it, Casey. I'm  afraid. I hope you'll be patient, Casey - I'm waiting for you.




PS: I think I'm fallen in love.






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