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Happy Things Meme 2008

I was tagged by my friend babydracky 
thank you, lovey!

10 Things that made me happy in 2008


  1. I never was ill (beside a little cold on Christmas)
  2. My family is fine, my father recovered wonderful (he had a heart attack and 2 strokes)
  3. I’m still a dreamer,.
  4. I finished writing a Children’s book and it will be released in summer 2009
  5. I started posting some poems (god, I was and I am sooo brave but still supernervous) -(poems? Friends *points at you* call them so)
  1. Knowing that I’m strong and that I’m a fighter!
  2. I still love Frodo J (What a surprise!)
  3. Vacation in summer – being at home for 14 days! – was great!
  4. My one and only friend in “real life” Wolfgang is a good guy and he’s so good to me.
  5. Having the best friends HERE! All of you are so wonderful persons, it’s a blessing to know you.


I’ll tag no one but if you’d like to play – just play!


Enjoy your days, my friends!


*hugs you all*


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