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New Year's Eve

For my f-list!

Title: The old year - the new year
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

I never understood why people

are getting sentimental on New Year’s Eve.

It’s just the last day of December.

Nothing more.

Now I’m sitting here

and I feel a melancholy I didn’t know so far.

The reason why? I may not say.

I happened so much this year.

God things, bad things,

important things, unimportant things.


No. Thinking about something unimportant

makes it important for you.


Where will I be next year at the same time?

Where will you be?


I know you’ll have to leave one day

taking your own way

bringing you dreams to life.

Will I be a part of it –

who knows.

I won’t stop you to go,

It’d make me feel guilty…

Though it nearly kills me thinking

about it.

I’ll visit you, you’ll visit me …


As often as possible?

Will it be once the week,

once the month

or never again?

Love conquers all they say –

I’ll try

To believe it.


So I’ll live every day as if it’d be

the last

enjoying the spirit of the moment,

listening to the voice in my dreams,

Some days just ignoring the voice in my head –

Never closing my ears to

the language of the heart.

It’s most important –

if it is right or wrong -

who am I that I would know.


But I’ll do anything to become

a part not only of your dreams,

a part of your reality,

your life.



Walking back to my bed-room,

watching you sleeping for the umpteenth time

makes me feel happy,

grateful, too.


I told you few weeks ago

I’m grateful that there’s something

you thank God for being –

and I still mean it.


You are important.

I am important.

We’re started our journey this year.

One time doing something crazy

can drive you mad,

but it can make you happy, too.


As I live my life

each second

each minute

I know I’m privileged

to have you in it.


Happy New Year, Casey,

Happy New Year, Zeke-boy.

Happy New Year to




Have a wonderful day, my dear friends.

I can’t thank you enough for all the joy you’re bringing day by day, night by night!

Usually I don’t like big parties that much but I know our party here will be just fan-tastic!

As one of the guys said above

As I live my life

each second

each minute

I know I’m privileged

to have you in it.



See you later, darlings.





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