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Merry Christmas

This wonderful card is made by my little (adopted) sister random_fandom 
Thank you, sweetheart. Get well soon.

Merry Christmas to all my friends !

Thank you for being here, for all the joy and happiness you bring into my life day by day.
The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another,
and I've found a wonderful family here.
Enjoy this wonderful season as much as I do!

Lots of love,

Title: "Merry Christmas"
Pairing: Elijah/?
Rating: PG

Confusing emotions …

Melancholic endeavors

Melting crumbling heartbeats…


To survive

I don’t need much…

I just need a

little bit of



The pleasure takes it’s price…

exploding in the thunderstorm

of my feelings…


You think you know me -

maybe a little bit

maybe a little bit more …

no, that’s not quite true…

you know me better than

anyone else,

you know me better

than I do.


For real

I’m only happy

when you’re close to me.


How many times I wished

I could be the wind touching your face,

How many times I wished

I could be the rain

mingling with your tears…

How many times I wished

I could be a star

watching you sleeping.


Now I’m only a young man

wishing you to be here…

to be taken in your arms…

to just hold you…


How do I fill a cup with your


your smile…

your touch…

I wondered more than once.


And now

you’ve come …

out of the blue…

and you’ll stay

like everlasting breaths to my soul.


You are the greatest gift of all…


“Merry Christmas, Elijah…”

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