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Happy Holidays!

Many thanks to 




  for organizing the C/Z Xmas box Challenge. As hard as I tried I couldn’t make it to a drabble. I’m sorry. It’s a bit  longer…

My prompt was “comfort” .


Happy holidays my friends.


With love,


Where’s he?

Waking up in the middle of the night

because of a slow creaking from our bedroom door.

I am … confused.

crawling out of our bed,

looking out of the window

I’m spellbound to see…



Dressed in black jeans and a black shirt…

hands crossed over his chest

head down…

he speaks with a deep voice

that is gentle yet commanding,

almost demure…

His voice isn’t more than a whisper, a hiss…

Slowly uplifting his face to the night sky

arms spreading wide

he begins to hum … to sing…

It was merely a song than mysterious air …


lips barely moving…

snowflakes falling down

softly nesting in his hair…

His hypnotic gaze contains a world …

a world beyond reach…


Dragon’s eyes shining out

reflecting the moonshine…

fire rising …


There is his voice again …

mesmerizing …


“Fly as long as you can

you’re never bound

to any hold…

You are brave

to stay with me

not to fear me…

You may go free

though I’d love you

To stay by me…”


He seems to be so far away.

Golden tears are falling all around …

teardrops on his lashes

freezing at once to little

ice pearls…

lips quivering

still murmuring…

words… I don’t understand.


It’s much grace to see

And so much sadness…


Breathing heavily it seems

he comes back slowly…

He’s looking at me

straight into the eyes …

this makes me

hold my breath.


His pleading eyes make me run

they just cry “Casey”


Now I’m here

down on the ground

with Zeke in my arms

there’s his voice again …

this time

Smooth and gently…

“And now, being crowned in the comfort of your love,

I feel safe, Casey…

forever doesn't mean for always 
I thought. 
But I was wrong...


with every passing day

love grows…”


 I love him.


And then ..




And I

love him

even more…

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