julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning!!!

My dear friend frolijah_fan_54 
left  these words in my journal:

 "It's still snowing – now that it's dark I can't really see out my window so every so often I go to the garage door and see how much snow there is - looks like I won't know the total we got till the morning!!"

I just HAD to write something ...
Thank you again, my dear!

Title: "Snow"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

Snow always makes me dream. Snowflakes…

Featherlike sailing …

It seems the world changes…

It seems the world is more peaceful…


In the silence of the night

The world shows … beauty.

In the stillness of night

You show your beauty …


Yes, my world has changed…

Changed on a dream…

A dream?


You’re no dream.


But I remain the same…

Still a dreamer.


You know I will stay in your life

Forever lost in the stillness of truth.

I’ll be kissed by this

lovely little whisper

that shows me



love me,




I hope you’re having a wonderful day, f-list. I just feel fantastic! Awake! Energetic!

Now I’ll go outside – the snow is waiting for ME!

*dances with the snow shovel*


So come on, out with you! *throws snow balls*


Love you bunches,


Tags: c/z; poem;

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