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Title: "Unspoken words..."
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

„Unspoken words…“


We talk a lot.

About everything. About nothing. 

About flowers. About cars.

About music. About books.

About school. About people.

To hear you laugh makes

my heart … smile.

I like this.


When you are talking with

your lips…

breathing a whispery kiss

On the palm of my hand…

I like this much more.


None of  that compares

To the heart kiss from you…

Spellbound I’m listening to


only you can say.



Words only for me to hear…

Words only lovers understand…


When you are talking

with your eyes …


This I love most.


Love dwells in the heart

Of silence.




I just came home from work, what a long and exhausting day.

But now there’s only one day left when I have to work this year!

Happy Froday to everyone!


Love and hugs,


Tags: c/z; poem;

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