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Good morning friends!

It's a wonderful morning so far, there's still snow outside but it's melting. I'll go now for a little morning walk, will be back soon.

This is for my dear friend gardnerhill</lj> 
Just because...

Title: "Silver charm"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

„Silver charm“


Early Sunday morning,

it’s about 6 a.m.

It has become a habit to

rise with the sun.

Looking out of the window,

smoking my first cigarette,

the snow on the roof-top is sparkling

like silver.

The moon’s shining silver

makes this mystical attraction.

Leaving a handprint on snow

makes my hand turn cold

then the snow is melting on my palm,

water dripping from my finger tips.

The world is very quiet

at this time of the day.

More quiet than at night.


Yesterday it was quiet, too.

But it was different.

Casey was here.


His was beaming…

quivering when I only

gave him an ankles touch.




Lips were gleaming with

the golden light of a candle,

as it has been an invitation …

When my hands softly held his face

he gave me that smile…


To him I’m a dream

To me he’s like a magician.


I love to play with fire

seduced by one

lingering touch…

only to be burnt…

Only by him.


But I have nothing to fear

in his arms…

Submit to his charm.

See you later, sweethearts! Enjoy your  Sunday!
Love and hugs,

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