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There should be a little voice in your head like the storyteller
is saying it.  And if there's not, then you're just lookin' at the words.

There are many voices in MY head when I am reading, I am always listening to your words.

A few weeks ago I started a journey through some of my friends journals (I try to visit  ALL of you - but it will take quite a time. But ... you can be sure, I'll find you! )


It’s an amazing walk, I enjoy it so much. Just to know -hey, when I am coming home, there's so much waiting for me - makes my days happier (if this is even possible) .  


The stories, quotes, poems, pictures, posts I have  found

have the power to made time stand still … 

I will go now, there are so many paths I want to go ... it's an exciting adventure ... 

Happy Easter and all the best


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