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Good morning f-list

I just came home from a nice winter morning walk. It's bitter cold outside with lots of snow AND sun!
Enjoy your days as much as I do, f-list.

This is for my dear aliensouldream 
Just because ...

Title: "Winter"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG


The time of the year I was drawn to this part of the woods. Cold wind in the trees, rippling sunlight playing on the forest floor like sparkling water. If I closed my eyes I could almost imagine I was listening to waves … lapping gently at the sea-shore. No other part of the woods gave me the same feeling and no other time of year I felt the same. It had been so for a couple of years now. But this time was … different. I was not alone anymore. Casey walked with me.


He leaned close to me and looked into my eyes. “It’s so beautiful here, Zeke. It’s magical….” He kissed me, pulling me closer so that my head rested on his shoulder. I took hold of his arms and another time I was surprised how strong they were. Before Casey I’d never been kissed by a man that way and many many things surprised me. The feel of it was both … sensual and frightening, something I had no idea how to deal with. There was something else, too, a sensation I couldn’t define but one full of warmth and comfort. Sometimes I think that I would be physically ill if I did not have him.


Everything explodes into a new world where there is nothing but waves of joy and pleasure… covering me… covering us…To say “I love you” isn’t very easy. I never said those words because I didn’t mean it, I never felt it.


Looking at him it’s like waking up with the sun streaming in through the windows just right into my heart. And I am soaking up the sun rays… day by day, minute by minute, second by second.


I love my Casey.

Have a magical winter day, f-list!

Tags: casey/zeke

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